Eye Lash Lift is a Perm for Your Lashes

Image that shows the process of Eye Lash lifting

Eye Lash Lift, Save Time, Improve Quality of Life

“Time time time, see what’s become of me!” I used to hum that song, “Hazy Shade of Winter” by the Bengals when I would spend my precious time in front of the mirror applying my eye makeup. Especially the time I would spend applying my mascara to get longer, fuller lashes. My time is precious to me, as it is to most people. One of the things I like about my career as an esthetician is how I can help you bring out your natural beauty, but also how I can help you to take back some much-needed time in your life.

Living in Seattle where it rains half the year, I would often get my mascara wet and need to reapply it after stepping outside in the rain. Or a vigorous workout at the gym would often times wreak havoc on my mascara. A long hard day at work would also diminish my mascara application by the end of the day. But my life does not end with work, I may want to go out with friends to happy hour or dinner. When I come home, I want to look pretty for my husband who also worked hard all day. Indeed, the time I spent applying and reapplying my mascara was ridiculous.

Image that shows a woman with beautiful Eye Lashes after getting an Eye Lash lift With an Eye Lash Lift, my mascara days were over. The nice thing a about an Eye Lash lift is it lasts for six weeks. The time and frustration I have eliminated from my life is wonderful. The cost of an Eye Lash lift is pennies compared to the value I get as a result of more time and better quality of life.

What is an Eye Lash Lift?

Basically, an Eye Lash lift is a perm for your Eye Lashes. It lifts and curls your Eye Lashes without the curler. Eye Lash lifting will instantly make your lashes look longer. The Eye Lash lift works on every single Eye Lash to bring out their full length. Your eyes will look brighter and you will appear more alert.

Every treatment should start with a consultation with your esthetician. The esthetician needs to determine what kind of lash style you want, as you can customize the amount of curl to your lashes. She will then pick the correct curling rod size to shape the lashes.

Avoid getting your lashes wet the first 24 hours, allowing your lashes to set their shape. After a day no need to worry about getting your Eye Lashes wet.

Spa Zarmina’s esthetician, Naima Rahim, has special training in Eye Lash lifting and is passionate about her work. Naima will specialize your Eye Lash lift to your specific need. Book an appointment today, you will see difference

Eye Lash Lift Prices

Lash Lift (90 minutes) $150

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